Stop Motion Project

A Collaboration project with Hannah Scott as model maker & movie director

My partner Hannah from Australia has been doing amazing work on a project idea I had for so long until it became reality.
The concept was to make some different type of visuals that would come together with the music, like a little video clip, but different than 3D & computer animated visuals.
Done in a very cute way, Hannah modeled my studio and a puppet of me that would interact with the music gears
The first short animated movie was made during Christmas period in 2022.

This is the list of movies made so far :

- Electrypnose Stop Motion Xmas Special (2021)
- Electrypnose Time to Jam (2022)
- Hypogeo and Electrypnose Stop Motion (2023)
Electrypnose Electrypnose Electrypnose Electrypnose Electrypnose

Christmas Special (2021)

2. Time to Jam (2022)

3. Hypogeo and Electrypnose trailer (2023)